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Thank You!


Last night, we just received the news that we won a seat on the Rockville City Council, earning 7,997 votes out of 12,637 votes cast, representing the second-highest amount of votes received by any Mayoral or City Council candidate in Rockville history!

I want to thank the voters of Rockville for trusting me to serve on the Rockville City Council. Serving the city of Rockville and the community I grew up in will be the honor of my life.

I also want to thank the countless volunteers, community leaders, elected officials, and organizations that stepped up to support this campaign. I’m proud of the grassroots campaign that we ran and the winning coalition we assembled. Rockville voters broke a record for votes cast in a local election, and I know this is a testament to the many strong candidates in this race.

We ran on a message of delivering results for Rockville: improving public safety, engaging with all neighborhoods, increasing government transparency, reinvigorating Town Center, promoting diversity within city government, and fostering better land management and environmental policies. Now the work begins and I am ready to hit the ground running for the people of Rockville on Day One.

Rockville has always served as a model for civic government for our state and the rest of our country. I look forward to working with Mayor-elect Monique Ashton and Councilmembers-elect Kate Fulton, Izola Shaw, David Myles, Barry Jackson, and Marissa Valeri to build on our progress and ensure that our city is as safe and successful as it can be now and for generations to come.

Together, we achieved history, and this victory belongs to all of us. Thank you!

Best regards,

Adam Van Grack
Rockville City Councilmember-elect

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