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Enhance engagement with all neighborhoods in Rockville.


In order to build a strong and inclusive Rockville, it is essential to engage with all neighborhoods within our community. Every neighborhood brings unique perspectives and strengths. By actively involving residents from all corners of the city, we can foster a sense of belonging and create a more inclusive city.


Adam currently lives in the Rockshire neighborhood, but he grew up in Horizon Hill, attended preschool in Twinbrook, swam for the Woodley Gardens Swim Team, attended high school at Richard Montgomery, lived in College Gardens, and currently works in Rockville Town Center. He also has family who currently live in King Farm and Horizon Hill. Adam understands the importance of each Rockville neighborhood being part of the city’s voice and the city’s government. The city government needs to hold regional neighborhood meetings and specifically ensure that all regional neighborhoods' services, development, and infrastructure needs are met by Rockville.


By promoting open dialogue, listening to the concerns and ideas of all residents, we can ensure that every neighborhood in Rockville can thrive. Together, we can continue to celebrate our city’s diversity and work towards a brighter future for all of Rockville.

Improve safety and security throughout Rockville.


Adam is committed to implementing comprehensive measures that will ensure a safer environment for all residents. By focusing on strengthening community policing efforts, improving emergency response systems, and enhancing public safety infrastructure, we can create a Rockville where families feel secure and businesses thrive. As a member of the Maryland Juvenile Justice Advisory Council, Adam assisted the state government by providing guidance on strategies to increase public safety and reduce recidivism of youth offenders. Adam wants to assist Rockville in the same way.


The city needs to increase the number of police officers and provide better financial support for the Rockville Police Department. We also need to increase the usage of security cameras to deter crime, including financial assistance to low income businesses and individuals. We can build a safer future for our city, promoting peace, and fostering a sense of unity among all residents, together.


Enhance city government transparency and communication.


Transparent and effective communication between government and the community is essential for our city. By increasing transparency, we empower citizens with the information needed to make informed decisions and hold officials accountable. Open and accessible communication channels creates trust, encourages civic participation, and ensures that we have a voice in the decisions that impact our lives. Examples of methods include better translation services, hiring a full-time volunteer coordinator, less closed-session Council meetings, and more neighborhood town hall meetings.


Through enhanced transparency and communication, we can build a better and stronger partnership between city government and the community, creating a Rockville that values transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration.

Reinvigorate Rockville Town Center by investing in better infrastructure, increasing residential density, and stopping wasteful government spending.


Rockville Town Center is an essential hub for our community in Rockville, Maryland. It serves as a space where we connect, socialize, and build community. With its diverse array of shops, restaurants, and venues, Rockville Town Center not only enhances our quality of life but also promotes economic growth and job opportunities. It’s a symbol of our city's vitality and richness, showcasing what makes Rockville truly special. 


Adam is committed to having the city finally follow the expert guidance within the 2019 Report from the nationally-renowned Urban Land Institute (paid for by the City) which recommended: increasing residential density, altering the parking layout, adjusting the streets leading into Town Center, making better signage, and stopping city subsidies to certain Town Center businesses. Fixing Rockville Town Center is critical to maintaining our community's unique character and saving tax dollars for more support of Rockville’s residents.

Promote diversity within city government and departments.


Embracing diversity in our local government is essential for an inclusive Rockville, Maryland. We should have a city government that reflects the rich facets of our community, ensuring that all voices are heard and represented. By intentionally fostering diversity, we can tap into a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and ideas, leading to more effective policies that address the needs of all of Rockville.


We need to ensure that the City is supporting all of its residents, in all neighborhoods and in all economic backgrounds. In this, we promote fairness and equality, making Rockville a place where everyone is welcome, everyone can thrive, and everyone can contribute to our success.

Foster better public lands management and environmental policies.


Rockville has previously been named a 'Tree City USA' and an All-American City. In order to be worthy of these achievements (and to have Rockville be awarded again), it is important for Rockville to properly manage its public lands and pass laws which properly safe-guard Rockville's environment and natural resources. Rockville needs to ensure that only local plants and trees are used on public lands, and we need to ensure that these lands are properly maintained — including culling of hazards, such as trees which pose risks to Rockville residents. The city government also needs to coordinate and communicate with other local, state, and national agencies for proper cooperation of ecosystem management and environmental stability.  Additionally, Rockville should expand its recycling program to include more plastic recycling options. We need to ensure that the City is supporting all of its residents through proper management of the public lands and Rockville's environmental ecosystem.

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